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SONY DSCT900S Digital Camera - Silver
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Manufacturers Description

The T900 camera is easy on the eye in every sense. Not only does it have an extra large 3.5" touchscreen for simple operation and spectacular playback, it also stands out from the crowd with its slick lines and ultra slim styling. On top of that it offers some serious photographic capability, boasting 12.1 megapixels resolution, and advanced Sony features such as Smile Shutter and Intelligent Scene Recognition.

The power to catch every scene

The T900 contains the powerful BIONZ processor, which enhances image quality by handling large amounts of digital information at high speed. This reduces image noise and enables a faster shooting response. It is also fitted with Vario–Tessar lenses made by Carl Zeiss, the world renowned optical specialists. These premium lenses are highly rated by photographers for their colour precision, superb contrast and extremely low distortion levels at all focal lengths. Add to this a huge 12.1 effective mega–pixel resolution and 4 x optical zoom, and the T900 gives you the capability to make extremely high quality images which maintain detail even when enlarged.

Details and colours are easily visible on the extra large touchscreen

At 3.5" and 921k dot resolution, the touchscreen on the T900 is one of the biggest around, and makes details and colours easily visible, even from wider angles. It is boosted by pin sharp Xtra Fine technology to make sure you can view your scenes accurately and enjoy playback to the full.

Intelligent Scene Recognition lets you concentrate on the subject

This simplifies shooting by automatically choosing the best settings for your shot from Portrait, Macro, Landscape, Twilight, Portrait, Backlight Portrait and Backlight. You’ll find this useful when you don’t have time to set your camera manually, particularly in awkward lighting conditions like twilight. Advanced mode takes two quick shots at slightly different settings so you can choose the one that works best. The Anti–Blink mode also prevents closed eyes spoiling an otherwise good composition.

720p HD movie recording at the flip of a switch

Flip a button on the T900 and you’re holding mini–camcorder. The T900 records clips at 30 frames per second and 720p HD resolution, and records sound in stereo. Shooting with 4x optical zoom power and high sensitivity sensor means your video clips will be as crisp and clear as your still images.

Enhanced Face Detection helps you keep your portraits in focus

Face Detection is very handy for shooting larger groups and scenes where faces might get lost against a detailed background. The sensor recognises faces as faces and automatically adjusts the exposure, white balance and flash settings to show skin tones at their best. Up to 8 faces can be recognised in any scene and you can even set priority for children or adults.

Enhanced Smile Shutter captures every smile

Ever had a portrait or party scene shot spoiled because your subject wasn’t smiling when the shutter clicked? Then you’ll appreciate the T900’s Smile Shutter function. It works by delaying the camera shutter action until your subject is smiling, so your friends and family always look their best. You just click an icon to set the level of smile required and the camera does the rest. You can interrupt Smile Shutter by pressing the shutter button at any point if a shot looks interesting. You can instruct it to only shoot when one of several faces is smiling. You can even set a priority for children or adults.

The high sensitivity sensor enables great pictures in low light

Look forward to stunning images taken even when the natural light is not at its best. The BIONZ sensor on the T900 is calibrated to a high ISO of 3200, making it highly sensitive to any light available. Higher sensitivity enables faster shutter speed and so also reduces the blur on images, even in low light conditions.

Optical SteadyShot to reduce picture blur

If you are shooting with the camera in your hand, there is always a danger of handshake spoiling your picture, even if your subject is stationary. Optical SteadyShot is an intelligent image stabiliser from Sony which uses a gyroscopic sensor to rapidly change the position of the lens inside the camera if it detects camera shake. The results are crisp, razor sharp photos even in poorly lit rooms. This feature is especially important when zooming in on a subject, because the smallest shake shows up when a subject is far away.

Retouch shots on the move

If you can want to improve your shot right there and then, you can even perform simple retouching operations in camera without needing to download the image to your PC — such as cropping, altering exposure or removing red–eye. You can also make the most of the T900’s 3.5" Xtra Fine LCD screen by using it for playback as well as scene composition. It’s big enough to be viewed by more than one person, and the camera even allows you to add a music soundtrack and other fun effects so you can put on a real slideshow. Back at home, the T900 has an HD output too to allow you to show your still images at their best on an HD TV screen (optional cable required).

PMB (Picture Motion Browser) software

Managing your growing photo collection is hugely simplified by this software which comes free with the T900. Just install it on your PC and it provides a perfect archive for your shots which are all just a click or two away. You can arrange them by date, by person, and even search through them quickly. From here you can burn them to discs, send them to friends or upload them to sites in a matter of seconds.

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