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ROBERTS CRD42 DAB/FM Stereo Clock Radio with Dock for iPod- Black
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iPod Dock with DAB/FM radio and built-in alarm clock

Charges you iPod while you listen

20 station presets with search/manual tuning and large back-lit display

Multi function Infra red remote control included

Brand Leaders ROBERTS introduce the iDream, a DAB/FM RDS digital stereo clock radio with a dock for an iPod.

The iDream is perfect in any room

The iDream is perfect in any room View larger The iDream is the perfect bedside partner for any home!

This stylish DAB/FM RDS digital stereo clock radio comes with a dock for an iPod. The iDream enables you to listen to your iPod through its stereo speakers and charges your iPod at the same time. The iDream offers 20 station presets as well as a clever auto timeset, whilst its large screen offers enhanced visibility, displaying the time and radio station against a blue backlight which can be dimmed for preference. You can also select the clock to stay on screen whilst tuned into your favourite radio station unlike other DAB clock radios on the market that default to the details of the station you are listening to.

All major functions can be controlled by the easy-to-navigate menu or by remote control, enabling you to choose whether you wake up to your iPod, the radio or a buzzer. There are also adjustable snooze and sleep timers.

iDream is compatible with iPods

iDream is compatible with the iPods above

iPod Docking Facility

The iDream is more than just a clock radio. Functions include the iPod docking facility enabling you to play your personal music collection via the stereo speakers (2 x 2.4 watts). The Alarm function allows you to choose to wake up to FM, DAB, iPod or buzzer. The iDream will also enable you to listen to your iPod whilst it charges.

iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries.

"Made for iPod" means that an electrical accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

Apple is not responsible for the operation of the device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

What is DAB Radio?

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting, this is a way of broadcasting radio digitally via a network of transmitters. It provides listeners with more choice, better sound quality and more information.

Birds-eye view of the Roberts iDream

Birds-eye view of the Roberts

iDream View larger More Choice

Because of the way DAB technology works, broadcasters can transmit many more stations than ever before. Listeners in most major towns and cities in the UK can receive between 30 and 50 radio stations with a digital radio, in many cases thats more than double whats available on analogue. Because digital radio uses the spectrum more efficiently than analogue, it is possible to broadcast more channels using the same frequency, making room for broadcasters to expand their station portfolios.

Less Noise

DAB digital radio delivers improved sound quality. The technology allows the receiver to lock on to the strongest signal it can find and ignore everything else. This eliminates the hiss, crackle and fade so familiar on analogue radio.

Ease of Use

A DAB digital radio will tune to a station at the touch of a button. No more fine tuning a station to get the best reception. A DAB set allows the listener to scroll through a list of available stations by name - then tune in by pressing the select button.

A selection of some of the stations available with the iDream

Access your favourite radio channels

with the iDream View larger More Information

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and wanted to know who it is by or what its called? Or tuned into speech radio and wanted to know what the programme is about or who is speaking? Digital Radios have a screen which can show text information transmitted by the radio station. Some stations send information about latest news, sports scores, whats on now and next, website address and phone numbers. Some radios offer an option to view the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) which shows listings information for some stations. It is also possible to pause, rewind and record live radio.

Features include:

• Made for iPod

Dock for iPod - listen to your iPod whilst it charges

• Radio

• DAB / FM wavebands

• Dock for iPod

The iPod docking facility enabling you to play your personal music collection via the stereo speakers

• Independent Alarms

Two independent alarm settings, with wake to tone, DAB, FM or iPod options

• Multi stage dimmer

You can manually adjust the display brightness to suit you

• Remote Control

Infrared remote control (included) enables you to browse and play tracks stored on your iPod as well as control the iDream

• Line-in

3.5mm input enables you to connect another iPod, MP3 player or portable CD player and use the Chronos iDock as stereo speakers


Support for station name display on FM and RDS scrolling text

• Station Presets

20 DAB or FM presets in a combined list to help you organise your favourite stations

• AC Adaptor

AC adaptor included