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This page has been put together to help you answer everyday questions that we are asked daily.

Sky Remote control not operating Television Volume - The sky remote has lost its coding, these codes can be found in the services menu on you Sky remote control along with step by step instructions.

Televison shows a red light - Your Televsion is in Standby Mode, press any number on your remote control or the Red Standby button which is situated at the top of your remote control, this will turn your Television back on.

Remote controls are sticking / buttons not working - There is a possability that liquid as gone inside the remote control, we do not advise you to disassemble any remote controls due to small components and delicate internals. Pop your remote into us, we will test it and see if we can clean it for you whislt you wait.  

Smart Televsions dropping internet connection - More and more frequently we see modern internet routers becoming dual band (2.4Hz + 5Hz) although this is a great technology we advise that routers have the bands split allowing the Televsion to connect to 2.4Hz only. To do this you will need to access your router settings, your internet supplier will be able to advise you on how this is done.

How to check a Washing Machine filter - Most Washing Machines have a filter at the front, this is found on the bottom close to the floor, some times these are covered by a plastic kick plate which easily unclips. Place a small tray (baking tray) under the screw cap and slowly turn left to loosen. There will be water so be carefully, drain all water and remove the screw cap fully. Looking into the area where the cap has been taking off you can see if there are any obstructions blocking the impellar. PLEASE ENSURE THE APPLIANCE IS SWITCHED OFF PRIOR TO CARRYING OUT THE ABOVE.